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oh snap

:33 < hm?

[The bored cat troll lifted to head up to see the other, a glint of interest in her eyes]

:33 < myself? 

hehe this is really cool

i dont see too many mes running around ;3

[She lets out a small giggle and smiles, revealing her razor sharp teeth]

:33 < ive s33n loads of other mes

:33 < most of them are the same, but some were funny

:33 < ive met myself as a seadweller before

:33 < and myself as a human

:33 < though… youre different too

:33 < in some way, i can sense it… but i cant put my finger on it

[she walks up to the other cat troll, looking at her with wide eyes]

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Wednesday Apr 4 @ 11:19pm
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Psycholeijon. WELL THIS IS GREAT!.
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    [There is rustling in the bushes along with a heavy, dragging sound. A few minutes pass before an insane cackling is...
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    *jumps back up* oh shit what this hell is this no
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