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[She squints and walks around the other troll]

:33 < youre… missing the things the other mes wear

:33 < you also are a bit nervous too, somehow. looking this way and that

:33 < your eyes are bloodshot, from something that has troubled you

:33 < you havent been outside in a while, havent you?

:33 < youre not as fit as the other mes. no offense there, just a mere observation.

[After a couple more minutes of looking, she smiles a small smile and looks at her knowingly.]

:33 < i see…


youre good at pointing things out

i cant say any of your observations are wrong 

i would suggest we sit down so i can tell you my backstory

but thats not really a thing i do

and youre probably not interested in it anyway

what about you

youre certainly not like others

the ones ive met at least

[She tilts her head, curious]

:33 < oh, im interested!

:33 < and im… different, yes.

:33 < if you want to find out more about me, then you’ll have to learn

:33 < because i cant express it in words

[she looks to the forest and grins]

:33 < i need to go… nice meeting you!

[she pounces off and sinks into the shadows]

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Psycholeijon. THOUGHT SO. Luckily I GOT IT MONTHS BEFORE. by the way it isnt over. SHE'S PLOTTING.
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