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[She tilts her head, curious]

:33 < oh, im interested!

:33 < and im… different, yes.

:33 < if you want to find out more about me, then you’ll have to learn

:33 < because i cant express it in words

[she looks to the forest and grins]

:33 < i need to go… nice meeting you!

[she pounces off and sinks into the shadows]


not sure how to learn about you when youre gone

but okay

nice meeting you too

*plops onto the ground*

[A few minutes pass, and a distant honk is heard, along with a low chuckle.]

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Thursday Apr 4 @ 09:53pm
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thank my old friend. i was inspired by his old blog. i'm not quite sure hes my friend anymore tho. Psycholeijon.
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    [There is rustling in the bushes along with a heavy, dragging sound. A few minutes pass before an insane cackling is...
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    *jumps back up* oh shit what this hell is this no
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